Lord Deimos here for you little mortals and demigods. Lord of fear and terror and driver of Ares chariot. Get near them and you will suffer. [This is a rp account]


Young!Deimos HEADCANONS:

⤅ (FC: Jack Quaid)  

⤅ Age: around 300 years

⤅ God of Terror. Deimos lives with his father and loves him more than anything.. He lets himself influence by his father and hates his mother

⤅  As he is not yet an official god he is called “Son of Ares and Aphrodite” 

⤅ Aphrodite has taught Deimos to be a gentleman all his life but Deimos has never listen to his mother. On the other hand he heard his father’s words and loves to scare crowds.

⤅ Recently his brother was attacked by Hephaestus and now he hates his mother even more.

⤅ Relationships:


✓ Ares




- Aphrodite

- Eros


● Hecate

● Triton

● Zeus

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    Meet Deimos, he is a son of Aphrodite and Ares and looks a lot like Tom Hardy.

    The role of  DEIMOS is OPEN / TAKEN


    ❝You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.❞


    Deimos, god of terror, is the oldest of the twin sons of Aphrodite and Ares. He is the personification of sheer terror. Deimos has always lived with Ares and his twin brother Phobos, on the war god’s palace in Olympus. This made him not attached to his mother because she doesn’t leave Hephaestus and go with Ares to take care of them.

    When he was young, he liked to scare everyone, even his own family. He only cared about Phobos. That made him a family guy when he grew up. He never had one nights stand. He chose his partners carefully and only had 10 children in all his life. His last three children are in this era. he thought one was dead, his second kid got kidnapped by Aphrodite and his mother killed. After that, he went off of Olympus during two years. Phobos covered him up. Deimos started working as a police officer but he was sent to a psychologist for the death of his kids. They felt in love and they had his last son. The woman actually could see through the mist and after she had his kid, she told Deimos to go back to Olympus and not worry about them. Deimos did but every now and then visited his son when both of them were asleep. Now that he has his kids with him, he is not going to let anyone hurt them. He is willing to hurt anyone, including any Olympians, to defend them.

    Deimos is cruel and loves when people get scare in fights. His presence makes people paralyse from terror giving him battle advantage. Deimos also hates to lose, something he has learnt from his father; and secretly hates his demigods siblings.

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      Anonymous asked "Thoughts on your son Adrian and Percy?"

      My son and I have to talk about that


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        Anonymous asked "If you had to marry any Goddess, who would you pick?"

        Artemis but she doesn’t love guys so…Nyx


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          Anyone too brave to ask me?
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            "[Zeus arms himself for battle against the monster Typhon:] Now Zeus armed the two grim sons of Ares, his own grandsons, Phobos and Deimos his servant, the inseparable guardsmen of the sky: Phobos he set up with the lightning, Deimos he made strong with the thunderbolt, terrifying Typhon. Nike Victory lifted her shield and held it before Zeus: Enyo countered with a shout, and Ares made a din."
            Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2. 414 (via phobos-of-fear)
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              "In hot haste he [Ares] leapt up, and awoke Phobos and Deimos to yoke his deadly quickrunning car. They obeyed their urgent father. Furious Deimos set the crooktooth bit in the horses’ mouths, and fastened their obedient necks under the yokestrap, and fitted the neckloop on each: Ares mounted the car, and Phobos took the reins and drove his father’s chariot."
              Nonnus, Dionysiaca 29. 364 (via phobos-of-fear)
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                Me 2.0

                LAYER ONE : THE OUTSIDE

                LAYER TWO: THE INSIDE

                LAYER THREE: THOUGHTS

                LAYER FOUR: WHAT’S BETTER?

                LAYER FIVE: DO YOU?

                LAYER SIX: EVER?

                LAYER SEVEN: FAVORITES

                LAYER EIGHT: AGE

                LAYER NINE: IN A BOY OR GIRL


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                  Anonymous asked you: Which demigod would you totally bang?


                  Girl… Cassidy. I have always found that girl hot. She gets the looks of her mother

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                    Anonymous asked you: Who would you rather have sex with? Phobos, Nike or Morpheus?

                    I would have an orgy with all of them


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